Command attention to yourself like a lion. Like a man-lion, who wears a suit and tie to work. Show your power and assertiveness with this bold design. This is the tie that all other ties fear. Perfect for unleashing your inner extrovert. Wear this tie when you deliver that brilliant boardroom speech or whenever you want all eyes on you. Wear this tie and take your seat at the top of the food chain.




There is not a more refreshing or inviting scent than the natural citrus aroma of an orange. Squeeze this tie around your neck and people will flock to be near your citrusy aura and good-natured spirit. Ready for any true entrepreneur; orange shows people that you have a creative and open mind. Wear this tie to give off the scent of enthusiasm and bravery while being ready for any adventurous situation.




Carefully selected shades of yellow, faded with precision, just as the Sun fades in and out of your daily life. Impress others with your superior fashion sense by letting this tie warm the masses and lift the moods of others. Keep your presence illuminated even on the darkest days. Disciplined, yet inviting, it’s a stunning tie for any occasion.




Nature uses networks of roots to prosper and grow, while businesses network clients to create capital and social circles. Green has long represented reliability, respect, and the color of money. Be the creator of those networks and use these high-yielding shades of green to show the world that you’re an adaptable, fruitful, and well-balanced ecosystem of a man. So go green with this classic design and show how much you’re worth.



Ahoy! Tis’ not a more loyal man than a sailor to the sea, so set sail and commit the course! This ocean-blue, nautical-inspired tie will express the depth of your personality and the sensitive soul within, while defining you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable individual. Easily integrated with any suit, blue consistently demonstrates its dependability. Inspire others, and inspire yourself, while remaining calm and steadfast through the tides of the day.



Not easily satisfied but always knowing exactly what you want. Your taste is refined and impeccable. Let the world see it by adorning your neck with this quintessential tie. Add a boost to your creative spirit and confidence with this uplifting color. Be passionate. Be romantic. Be dark and mysterious. Purple also happens to be the most popular color among women, so be prepared to get some attention because no shade of grey can hold a candle to purple.